Brand Ethics & NGO Partners


Brand Ethics

As a fashion label, we understand the negative impacts the textile industry has on our planet, and its contribution to the issues of climate change. In addition to this, as a resort wear label, we pride ourselves in appreciating and taking care of the planet, especially the Earth's water.

We are an ethical luxury brand that sources fabrics from heritage mills in France and Italy. These mills use age old techniques, machinery and ancestral craftsmanship to develop and create the textiles we buy and use for our garments. We use mainly jacquard fabrics from France and a traditional Eurojersey fabric from Italy.

Swim jacquards are produced with less nylon/plastic in them than what traditional swim base fabrics typically require, and therefore contain and produce less plastic. All of our mesh is hand embroidered by our heritage mills in France and all materials are of the utmost highest quality, so as to promote conscious purchasing of products that will last you 50 years, versus fast fashion.

Our development and manufacturing facilities are based in Los Angeles where we work directly with our sewers, & cutters and diligently oversee the entire process. We adhere to fair wages, excellent working conditions, and couture craftsmanship that requires time and attention to detail, minimizing waste. We move slowly and believe in the slower pace of creating a quality product.

We recycle, and re-use as many discarded materials as we possibly can to help lower our carbon footprint. We believe in quality over quantity and promote investment purchases, versus quick fixes, which lowers the amount of manufacturing and frequency, reducing the negative impacts of over-production.

NGO Partners

Designer and founder, Samantha Khoury, initially began her life after college working in the nonprofit sector helping to organize the foundation she worked for. She grew disillusioned and frustrated with the inadequate fundraising system. She found that a large portion of time was spent directed towards gaining capital instead of actually going into the field. This could only be avoided when the NGO was financially autonomous. With this in mind, her goal was to create a more feasible structure that didn’t reinvent the wheel, but one that was more efficient and beneficial to the cause. Thus, Amaiò was born to help subsidize the costs and provide NGO’s with the capital that would have otherwise been acquired through fundraising. That’s why we have partnered with two non-profits that directly align with our core brand beliefs: sustainability, creativity, education, and female empowerment. They have global outreach and touch base in underdeveloped countries around the world. 

Presently, we have partnered with Drip by Drip based in Berlin, Germany the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, Uganda. We donate 10% of our net proceeds to these NGO’s.



The Drip by Drip NGO is committed to giving back to communities of people whose clean water are negatively affected by the textile and fashion industry. Their mission is to engage in industrial water waste projects in countries that are directly impacted by the global textile industry. Their solutions are rooted in education, innovation, and fieldwork.




The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund helps provide the financial infrastructure to marginalized women in Uganda through grassroots strategies. They facilitate opportunities with the purpose of sustainable development and empowerment through social, economic, and political programs. In turn, they address inequalities, strengthen families, and overall communities.