Bride Bikini 101: What Every Bride Needs for her Pre and Post Wedding Festivities AMAIO

Bride Bikini 101: What Every Bride Needs for her Pre and Post Wedding Festivities

Your wedding day comes with a lot of planning and intricate details you wouldn’t think twice about... until you’ve begun this massive undertaking of planning a wedding. Place cards, floral arrangements, videographers, guest lists, and obviously (perhaps most importantly) the dress.

Although your wedding day is meant to be full of excitement and bliss, we guarantee 9/10 brides and brides-to-be will tell you it can become a stressful process! And it is totally ok to feel this way.

After all, this is a day most little girls think about and dream of their whole lives, and we want them to be perfect.

It’s a big deal to find your prince charming and make the life-long commitment of marriage. It truly is something to celebrate.

The joining of two lives, two families, and the promise to grow together and build a future together. And this is why we celebrate. This is why these weddings mean so much to us and why we want it to be the dreamiest day possible.

And though the wedding day comes with hours upon hours of preparation and planning, thankfully, a wedding almost definitely comes with a string of festivities in between where our closest girlfriends and female family members band together to make us feel a little extra special and at ease a little of that stress.

Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and then finally the honeymoon. These events are part of the joy of matrimony, making it that much more special. Of course, every bride needs the perfect ensemble for these momentous events, which brings us to the Amaiò Bridal Collection. A selection of angelic Ecrus and Whites dawned with exquisite French beaded mesh made to help a bride stand out.

Many brides and their crew decide to hold their bachelorette parties in sunny destinations involving the pool or beach, which makes an Amaiò bridal piece the perfect touch and a must-have!

The Perfect Bridal One-Piece Swimsuit

Looking for the perfect one-piece? Try the Renée Maillot. Equally wearable as a bodysuit, this stunning high-neck design is meant to help a bride stand out wherever she goes. Exquisitely crafted and made to withstand the test of time, this piece is special enough for any bride to wear for one of her momentous events leading up to her big day and will keep her looking elegant, fashionable, and like the timeless beauty that she is.


Après is Key in Your Bridal Wardrobe

From the pool to brunch, transitional pieces are a necessity during your bachelorette and/or honeymoon getaways. Thankfully, we have the Èponine Skirt. A stunning compilation of French mesh with intricate beading, a feminine tie waist, and a flowing finish. The perfect topper to the Renée Maillot for a stunning bridal ensemble that will leave you looking picture-perfect. This skirt is equally wearable into the evening, all you need is a cute pair of pumps and a cropped denim jacket to keep you looking perfectly put together.


Champagne is a Symbol of Celebration

A bride's bikini needs to be something special. She needs to stand out and shine as this is her special time! And there's nothing shinier than a metallic champagne swimsuit. Our Fleur Top and Bottom is a shimmering champagne hue that will dazzle anyone and of course, stay true to the wedding theme. Even better to bring it along on your honeymoon to give your new hubby major heart eyes while you stroll hand in hand down a white sandy beach. This stunning champagne hue also comes in a gorgeous one-piece so try the Nathalie Maillot if this champagne color wheel is flowing for you!


Unique Designs and Bride Bikini Perfection!

Our best-selling Bella Top is one of our top sellers and in high demand for brides all over the world. Sophisticated, sweet, sexy, and everything in between, this silhouette is a one-of-a-kind piece that is bachelorette, bridal, and honeymoon approved. This piece will become a true investment as you'll wear it over and over again! Doubling as a crop top, the Bella Top's unique collar and sleeve design offers a key-hole back and mother-of-pearl buttons that will turn heads wherever it's worn. With stunning details, it's a wonder this top is made for the water! When paired with the Bella Bottoms, it's the perfect combination of skin and allure. Or, pair it with a high-rise skirt and wedges to dance the night away and celebrate into the evening!