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January's Featured ICON

Each month we showcase an incredible woman to be our featured Amaiò ICON. This woman is someone who has style, grace, kindness, and integrity, all while inspiring us on a daily basis. 

Our Icons have a certain je ne sais quoi. They carry themselves with poise, they have an effortless and distinct style, and they are more than skin-deep. 


Jenny Cipoletti, creator of Margo & Me (@jennycipoletti)

We are elated to start 2020 with a bang and feature the icon of all icons, Mrs. Jenny Cipoletti (@jennycipoletti). 

Jenny is known for her classic and elegant "French-girl style" and currently holds the crown for Amaiò's ultimate style muse. She conquers the concrete jungle in ultra-feminine dresses while her timeless aesthetic pushes boundaries in the 21st century. As a content creator Jenny captures the most picturesque moments, dawning colorful and feminine silhouettes that create a stunning contrast to the brownstone buildings, endless cement roads and hidden pockets of cobblestone streets hidden throughout New York City. When she’s not capturing the charm of New York, we find ourselves living vicariously through her travels which take her everywhere from the fashion hubs of Paris, Milan and Florence to sunny escapes in the Caribbean.

Jenny is a self-proclaimed “girl’s girl” and maintains a strong femininity while also being a force to reckon with in the fashion blogging industry. In 2014 she created "Margo & Me", a blog focused on fashion, beauty and travel, which gained a tremendous following and became THE go-to for fashion and design inspiration. From Parisian skincare and anti-aging tricks, to her French girl style and interior design, we are constantly swooning over her attention to detail and aesthetic.

A true entrepreneur, she has now branched into the world of tech with her new App, TIVVIT, a free social shopping App which allows its users to curate their own collections, and eventually make money like influencers do. 

Jenny embodies the Amaiò ICON persona in every sense and is the true definition of beauty and brains.




How did you discover Amaiò?

I discovered Amaio through Instagram (@amaio) and immediately thought, “FINALLY! A swimwear designer that speaks to me!

What about Amaiò do you love the most?

I am truly devout to the classics. I remain completely and utterly inspired by fashion and beauty that comes from a different era and Amaiò embodies this same aesthetic. I know that I will always be able to discover something that feels original and elevated when I shop Amaiò.

The holidays are around the corner! Where will you be spending yours, and what will you be wearing?

Thankfully I will be traveling to warmer weather! I moved to New York about two years ago and while the holidays are wonderfully festive, I do enjoy the time I get to spend in California with my family. We’re spending time in Napa at our home. You will find me poolside in my Amaiò! 

Any holiday traditions in your family you're looking forward to?

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, my husband Freddie and I have a tradition of decorating for Christmas. We turn on the Christmas carols (we like the oldies), and pop a bottle of champagne. You can just feel the festiveness in the air! 

If you could live in any other time period (and let's pretend modern antibiotics exist no matter what!), what would it be?

Oh how appropriate this question is! I would have to say France, pre-french revolution, during the time of Marie Antionette. Let’s just say it would have been fun to be her bestie.

What's a skill or talent you wish you had?

I wish I could sing! I sing alone in the shower all the time. I’ve always been drawn to music and play the piano but singing well is probably an incredible feeling. 

What's your favorite thing about working with your husband? Are there any challenges?

I have a 24/7 soundboard and I am so grateful for his patience and guidance with me. Being that he’s four years older and has been very successful as an entrepreneur himself, he’s truly guided me and given me the tools, courage, encouragement and belief when sometimes, it’s hard to see that in yourself. The one thing that we find challenging in our work is that we are both incredibly passionate about our creative positioning on something. We really to have to work to meet in the middle because we are both so strong minded that our opinion is the right one. I’ve learned to pick my battles over the past 10 years! 

What does being an ICON mean to you?

I think we’re living in a really special time when the traditional route to success isn’t as direct as it used to be. My blog, Margo & Me taught me that I am inherently a mentor in mind and at heart - through the years my audience has always looked to me as a kind of role model. Therefore, I take having a platform with a responsibility and that responsibility includes being a leader in a non linear way, taking risks and not being intimidated by tradition but instead setting an example to my audience to pave their own path in whatever it is they believe in. Being an Icon is believing in yourself and taking the risks that will enable growth.

Simply Iconic


Amaiò Swim is made for women, by women. At Amaiò, it is our goal to not only help women look beautiful in our pieces, but to create a community of encouragement and support. Each piece is designed with each woman in mind. All the women of Amaiò are thought of in the design process and all of these women inspire us daily. We want every woman who wears our pieces to feel elegant and channel their inner Bardot.

We pride ourselves on positivity and constant personal growth. With this being said, our Amaiò Icons initiative was born. This initiative was created to continue the support and growth of other women alike, women who inspire us, who uplift us, and who do all of this while looking effortlessly chic. 

Amaiò Icons are mothers, career women, wives and friends. She has no boundaries of who she is or where she wants to be. She is always evolving, always progressing. Her style evolves with her growth; sometimes she feels sophisticated, other times she feels playful. She has a taste for adventure, for experiencing all the world has to offer her, and of course, a taste for fashion and beauty. 

Know an ICON?

Do you know an incredible woman who should be featured as our next ICON?

We're always looking for the next inspiring woman to feature. Let's continue to fix each others crowns, shall we? An Amaiò ICON can be from any walk of life and in any career field. See below for more information how to nominate someone, or even submit yourself!