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November's Featured ICON

Each month we showcase an incredible woman to be our featured Amaiò ICON. This woman is someone who has style, grace, kindness, and integrity, all while inspiring us on a daily basis. 

Our Icons have a certain je ne sais quoi. They carry themselves with poise, they have an effortless and distinct style, and they are more than skin-deep. 


Madison Williams (@minimalmajor)

We couldn't be more delighted to kick off our Amaiò ICONS with Madison Williams!

Madison Williams, aka @minimalmajor, is a force to reckon with in the fashion blogger universe. Williams' LA cool-girl style keeps her +100k followers inspired and engaged. But she transcends the “influencer” label as an Emmy nominated TV producer and fashion authority with appearances on one of the top entertainment and celebrity news shows, Entertainment Tonight.

Following @minimalmajor feels less like following a celebrity and more like keeping up with a close girlfriend. In person, she completely fits the bill. Her disarmingly friendly, funny, and effervescent personality is at least partially a result of her chilled-out Hawaiian upbringing. It's also why we're always extra excited for her big milestones in life, such as her recent engagement (you need to see that ring!) and the ensuing (ultra-relatable) wedding excitement and planning.  We can't wait to see what she conquers next!




What does “Minimal Major” really mean? Is there one outfit that sums up the aesthetic?

As a Host, TV Producer and Content Creator, I’ve always strived for that multi-hyphenate career, and Minimal Major is not about being just ONE thing. It’s about doing the most, and the least. Major vibes with minimal effort. It’s that old school Hollywood glam mixed with the new wave pop chic. It’s really anything you want it to be. It takes on a different meaning to each person. It’s like art in that way because it’s open to interpretation. To me personally, It’s about making a MAJOR impact that seems completely effortless. 

A classic ‘Minimal Major’ outfit would start with minimal pieces that pack a major style punch. Keep things minimal with some vintage Levi’s and a white tee. Then we elevate it a bit with a Cinq a Sept blazer, add a pump with a pop of color, and some great accessories. Effortless, edgy, and very major. 

How did you discover Amaiò? What about the brand do you love most?

I discovered Amaio via Instagram (@amaio)...how every true love story begins! Samantha’s designs are the first of their kind and I had never seen such elegant swimwear. Growing up in Hawaii and now in LA,  I spend my fair share of time in a swimsuit but as I’ve gotten a little older (hello 30!) I opt for suits that feel less Vegas, and more Positano...if you know what I mean! 

You’re an Emmy nominated producer, can you tell us about that?

Yes! Crazy, right? I was nominated this past year as the Supervising Producer of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 360 show. My first red carpet EVER was the Emmys in 2009, and having produced all of the E! Red Carpets until 2017, it was so surreal to actually walk it as a nominee, and not be behind-the-scenes working it! 

By the way, congrats on your ENGAGEMENT and finding “the one.” Surely you must have kissed a few frogs to find your prince. What’s the WORST date you’ve ever been on?

Thank you so much!!! I’m the happiest! There were a couple frogs but my fiance, Sonny and I grew up together and are basically high school sweethearts! We met when I was 15, and it was honestly love at first sight. I had a crush on him for years, from there became best friends, and when we both wound up in LA we started dating. Fast forward 12 years and now we’re engaged!! Everyone’s story is different, but I feel so lucky to have found my person so young; it’s more life to spend together! 

Given you have so many different aspects to your career and now planning a wedding, how do you find the time to do everything?

Girl, it’s a work in progress! I still feel like I’m catching up from some summer travel and fashion week, but it’s definitely a balance...with a lot of to-do lists to keep me sane! I basically just block off 1-hour/day for wedding related things, 2-hours/day for emails, etc. etc. otherwise I’d spiral.

Ok, last wedding question (sorry, we’re romantics!): Any details on the vibe? What about your DRESS?!

Everything is TBD right now! We’re venue shopping for the next few weekends but deciding between Hawaii or Bali. I think the venue will definitely help set the vibe, and from there, the dress. Eek!! 

On to non-wedding related matters, where will you be spending the Thanksgiving holiday? What's on the menu??

My Thanksgiving is WILD. I start my morning at 2am in NYC producing the parade, by 12pm I’m in a cab heading to the airport, by 8pm I’m back in LA and Sonny has Thanksgiving dinner ready and waiting for me (the sweetest). My family postpones our big Thanksgiving in Orange County to Saturday since I get back so late (and am totally exhausted) on Thursday night. In terms of menu, pass the pumpkin pie, please! 

What are you really looking forward to wearing once the weather in LA really cools down?

All. The. Knits. Oversized sweaters. And structured OTK boots. 

If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you chose and why?

A blend of Cher Horowitz’s closet (white collarless shirt from Fred Segaaaal, included) and Maddy from Euphoria’s glam makeup. Honestly it’s an aggressive combo but I’m here for it.

What is your favorite swimsuit silhouette?

Personally, I love a one piece with a plunging neckline, like the Fantine Maillot. It’s easy to take from beach to après, especially with a little Amaiò skirt

What is the most memorable destination you’ve travelled to?

In terms of city, nothing beats Tokyo (though NYC is pretty close). But if we’re talking beachy vacay vibes, BALI! 

You were raised in Hawaii. Is there anything you really miss that you wish LA could offer?

Hmmm I think I’d keep the magic of Hawaii on the islands so I have more excuses to go home! BUT, I’d gladly take an island latte from Honolulu Coffee Company. It’s HEAVEN. 

What is a major goal you’ve achieved in your career and how did you achieve it?

When I graduated college, my biggest goal for 30 was to snag an Executive Producer credit, score an Emmy nomination, and segue into doing more hosting. With a LOT of hard work, an occasional 100+ hour week, and a whole lot of hustle - guys, we did it! 

What does being an Amaiò ICON mean to you?

Pinch me! Being the very first Amaio ICON is not something I take lightly, so thank you! I’m honored to represent a brand I believe in, that empowers women and is changing the game when it comes to elevated swimwear. It’s about time! Amaio to me is the juxtaposition of a cosmopolitan lady, in timeless, sophisticated swimwear and afterall, isn’t that contrast what Minimal Major is all about? 

Simply Iconic


Amaiò Swim is made for women, by women. At Amaiò, it is our goal to not only help women look beautiful in our pieces, but to create a community of encouragement and support. Each piece is designed with each woman in mind. All the women of Amaiò are thought of in the design process and all of these women inspire us daily. We want every woman who wears our pieces to feel elegant and channel their inner Bardot.

We pride ourselves on positivity and constant personal growth. With this being said, our Amaiò Icons initiative was born. This initiative was created to continue the support and growth of other women alike, women who inspire us, who uplift us, and who do all of this while looking effortlessly chic. 

Amaiò Icons are mothers, career women, wives and friends. She has no boundaries of who she is or where she wants to be. She is always evolving, always progressing. Her style evolves with her growth; sometimes she feels sophisticated, other times she feels playful. She has a taste for adventure, for experiencing all the world has to offer her, and of course, a taste for fashion and beauty. 

Know an ICON?

Do you know an incredible woman who should be featured as our next ICON?

We're always looking for the next inspiring woman to feature. Let's continue to fix each others crowns, shall we? An Amaiò ICON can be from any walk of life and in any career field. See below for more information how to nominate someone, or even submit yourself!