Iconic Clothing to Transcend Seasonal Trends AMAIO

Iconic Clothing to Transcend Seasonal Trends

In today’s world where fashion consumerism is heavily dominated by fast-fashion industries promoting seasonal trends, building a brand that sticks around for more than one season is increasingly more difficult.

But a breed of iconic clothing that reimagines classic Parisian opulence and glamour into contemporary minimalism and makes its way to re-introduce timeless silhouettes is what AMAIÒ strives for with each new design and each new collection.

We are an ethical luxury brand that occupies a very rare space of mixing luxury and sustainability. We cater to women’s swimwear that can elegantly transition to after-swim (après-swim) and cross over into the ready-to-wear space.

 We proudly define this pioneer feature to provide our customers with beautiful pieces, made with quality and flexibility.

We aim to adhere to the principles of iconic brands, being of quality, ethical origins, and timelessness. 

Our aesthetic aims to recreate the golden age of haute couture focusing on statements of affluence and grace – and incorporating them into modern-day practicality.

 Our collections exude a feeling of escapism and romance with their designs and palettes that are seemingly minimal but substantial.

Invest in "Investment Pieces"

Unlike fast-fashion schemes which purposely over-glorify and over-advertise a product line, only to be outmoded by the same industries for the purpose of furthering sales, AMAIÒ enforces staying-power in our work anchored on customer-centricity and timeless quality.

Our key philosophies are built around heritage, meaning investment pieces that should be passed down for generations to come, in timeless silhouettes.

As with making other important investment decisions, quality should always be considered above quantity when it comes to iconic clothing. This is especially true for investment pieces in fashion.

Sure, flash retail offers cheaper stylish clothes that set you at par with the latest ads on social media. But rarely or ever do these clothes last you the same feeling as when you first laid eyes on them.

Each season that goes by, these fast-fashion items make their way further into the depths of our closets leading you to wonder if you would ever wear those pieces again!

If you haven’t already grown tired of the badly faded color or the stretched neckline that shows up after a few washes, then next month’s ads on new styles and trends will do the job.

Eventually, the accumulated cost of having to go along with the constantly changing “affordable” hypes will be more than what you could have invested in a few quality picks, not to mention resulting in unwanted clutter in your closet.

Research shows that the average American purchases an average of 60 articles of clothing a year.

Fast fashion industries aggressively shift consumer focus and preference by bombarding advertisements and fashion statements every time a new trend is conceived. Flash retailing is another strategy of setting-up short-term sales that last no longer than the hype.

We don’t really use all pieces of clothing in our closets and tend to stick to only a few favorites that we establish through time. Don't we all have that one go-to dress or favorite pair of pumps we turn to?

 So rather than packing our closets with more, more and more, let's start investing in a few key iconic pieces that will transcend trends!

By doing so, you will have less urge to add more to it, consequently spending less.

Fast fashion is easily turned irrelevant not only through an obsessive and impulsive consumer base but also by the quick degradation of tangible qualities. Cheap fabrics used in fast fashion products heavily rely on polyester (a kind of plastic) which takes anywhere between 20 to 200 years to decompose.

Having that kind of material monstrously pile up in a landfill is a serious issue. In addition, microplastics in synthetic clothing are collected from laundry water and eventually make their way into rivers, lakes, and oceans. These tiny fibers end up being ingested by aquatic life and by us as this is a part of our food chain.

This begins to cause serious health issues for some people and is one of the main issues the fashion industry faces when it comes to its impact on the environment. This is also an issue AMAIÒ aims to avoid by staying true to our sustainable practices.

It is AMAIÒ’s advocacy to combat traditional swim fabric which contains plastics that contribute to environmental degradation.

We use authentic jacquard fabrics sourced from France and traditional Eurojersey fabric from Italy which is produced with significantly reduced plastic content.

The design is materialized with the utmost attention to detail through aged techniques and craftsmanship to create iconic clothing that will last a lifetime. We think these techniques show through our designs, making each piece that much more special.

Iconic Clothing and Timeless Style

We aim to capture the richness of culture that was once the peak of fashion and chic silhouettes that were worn in old-world Paris.

We mold these inspirations into the luxurious designs seen throughout each collection. It is our goal for each woman who wears an AMAIÒ piece to project her own identity, to make each piece her own, and to add a dash of her own style and elegance.

This is why we love the women of AMAIÒ, and why they inspire us so much every day!