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Stunning Designer Bikinis in the Most Magical Places

Travel and AMAIÒ go hand in hand. That is why we love the idea of packing your most fabulous pieces to attend the most fabulous destinations. You will find a wide array of designer bikinis, one-pieces, and après swim here on amaiò, uniquely created for each body type and meant to hug your curves in all the right places. 

AMAIÒ designers have a hidden talent... it's making women look and feel fabulous. Our goal is for women to feel comfortable in their swimsuits because as a predominantly female company, we all share similar insecurities and apprehensions when it comes to swimwear.

We guarantee you will never feel as good as you do in AMAIÒ as you do in other brands. On top of that, there's nowhere else that can bring 1950's French couture to the water.
Read on to see where to go, what you can wear and get blissfully whisked away into the world of AMAIÒ resort and swim.

Your Designer Bikini Necessities for the Most Magical Destinations

It’s that time of year again when summertime slowly comes to an end and we begin to transition into Fall mode. Whether you’re ready for it or not, this means chunky knits and pumpkin flavor everything.

September means you slowly transfer your swimwear and summer dresses to the back of your closet, and reluctantly succumb to distant dreams of basking poolside with Aperol Spritzers or Rosé in hand.

At Amaiò, we believe this dream is closer than you think! It only means that it's time to start planning a fabulous Fall getaway. We all feel it, when the leaves begin to change colors, and the sun starts to set during happy-hour, we crave that extra vitamin D and pampering.

So, lets start planning the ultimate luxurious trip and check something off your bucket list.

Swimworthy One-Pieces in the Dubai Desert


Weather Report:

October Average - 96°F / 76°F
November Average - 87°F / 68°F

The weather in Dubai goes from hot to hotter, so if you love the heat, Dubai is the place for you this Fall. This also means that the pool will be cool and welcoming.

Dubai is a city that has it all. From the groundbreaking architecture to white-sand beaches and luxury shopping. It’s known for glamour and has no boundaries when it comes to fashion.

Make your way to the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf in your Amaiò set. Visit Sunset Beach for a view of the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab. An Amaiò Éponine Skirt is a necessity to keep up with the glamour of Dubai.

Dubai offers a world-famous culinary experience including Michelin star restaurants and ocean front views that are nothing short of fabulous. Pair any of our Amaiò Tops for a bralette look with a pant suit for a sophisticated look while you’re out exploring the enchanting city.

The lovely @olya_medvedyeva in Dubai, looking classic the Nathalie Maillot in Black.


Stunning Silhouettes in the Magical Maldives


Weather Report:

October Average - 86°F / 78°F
November Average - 86°F / 77°F

For a private romantic island getaway, head to the tropical paradise of the Maldives. Made up of 26 ring-shaped coral atolls, each resort occupies its own island. The ultimate in luxury, enjoy waking up each morning surrounded by pristine blue waters and complete tranquility. 

Surrounded by a colorful array of coral reefs, the Maldives are home to some of the most beautiful marine life. To spend the day of swimming and snorkeling, stock up on the most perfect Amaiò Two-Piece that will help you transition seamlessly in and out of the water.

After exploring the waters, end the day with a little pampering and head over to a waterfront massage appointment. Enjoy the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean while looking effortlessly chic in the Linen Kamille Dress.

Being that the Maldives are surrounded by irresistible waters, you'll be living in your Amaiò swimwear from sunrise to sunset. A true bucket list experience, stock up on your luxurious swimwear to look picture perfect, and live your best life in the Maldives. 

The lovely @nabilla in the Maldives, looking glamorous in the Renée Maillot in Nude.

Designer Bikinis for Cabo San Lucas

Weather Report:

October Average - 92°F / 74°F 
November Average - 87°F / 68°F

Known for its beaches, nightlife, and sun, Cabo is a great place for a quick escape. Whether it’s spending the day at the pool, beach, or on a yacht, the sun never fails to shine, which makes it the perfect place to show off your Amaiò pieces this Fall.

We suggest a boat ride to visit the Arch of Cabo San Lucas to view the distinctive rock formation and see the beauty of what mother nature has created. Your Après Swim is a must-have to take you from day tonight. After sunset head into town to experience the hospitable Mexican culture, hearty cuisine, and dance the night away!

A designer bikini or three-piece suit is a necessity to keep you looking playful from the pool to the dance floor. Throw on a pair of shorts and heels with your Amaiò Cardigan for a fun evening look that will keep you looking fashionable all night long.

The gorgeous @saramontazami in Cabo, looking playful the Gigi Cardigan, Fleur Top, and Nantes Bottom in Macro Tweed.


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