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Exactly what you should be wearing over your swimwear.

For any girl planning a sunny vacation the first thing you think of is... new swimsuit. So, you begin your search and find the most perfect swimsuit! It hugs your curves, it feels like butter on your skin and gives you that boost of confidence.

You pack your bags, hop on the plane, check into your hotel and change into your new swimsuit to get in that pool time ASAP. Only then you realize, something is missing. As much as you love your new swimwear and want to show it off, you need a chic cover-up to take you from A to B. 

To complete your resort wear look, the perfect cover-up is a necessity. Something light, something airy, something you can wear down to the pool and throw on later for lunch, and most importantly, it has to compliment your new swimwear.

Well, good news. We have curated a list of some beautiful, unique and practical pieces that are a must have to style over, or with, your swimwear.

the Dress

A linen dress is one of the easiest ways to style your swimwear for a care-free and put together look. Try the Kamille Linen Dress in Ivory to wear over your swimwear to the pool or beach, then out to lunch!

Style a dress with:

- any one piece swimwear
- any two piece swimwear


Style Tip: Throw on a cute pair of wedges and a hat to stroll through town for a ready-to-wear look in this adorable linen dress.

the Skirt

The Amaiò Éponine Skirt in Nude can add instant glamour to any pairing, and can be worn from the pool then straight to dinner.

Style a skirt with:

- any one piece swimsuit for a ready-to-wear look or to the pool or beach
- any bikini top (which can also be styled as a cropped top for a ready-to-wear look)
- any top from your already established wardrobe 


Style Tip: Pair the Éponine with one of our matching pieces for a full matching set, throw on a pair of heels and head out to dinner!

the Kaftan

A Kaftan is super easy and quick to throw on before heading out to the pool or beach. A sheer Kaftan, like this Stella McCartney Silk Coverup Kaftan from Neiman Marcus, is even better to show a small glimpse of the gorgeous swimwear laying just beneath... 

Style a Kaftan with:

- any one piece swimwear
- any 2 piece swimwear


Style Tip: Get creative! Kaftans can come in all different lengths and colors. Find what compliments your swimwear and style best to look effortlessly chic next time you're poolside.

the Cardigan

Three piece swimwear is the newest trend that gives a put together fashion forward look. A cardigan works if you're poolside and need to cover up from the sun, or to even wear into the water (all Amaiò cardigans are made from swim jacquard and can be worn into the pool, like this Gigi Cardigan in Macrotweed).

Style a cardigan with:

- the matching set for a three-piece look
- over any of your current swimwear
- pair with any of your current wardrobe for a ready-to-wear look


Style Tip: Amaiò cardigans can be worn poolside, beachside and even in the city! Make it an investment piece and wear with your swimwear or even pair with denim for a night out.

the Kimono

Kimonos can be a really fun way of adding extra color and texture to your poolside look. This Jaline, Mariko Printed Coverup Kimono from Neiman Marcus has a really fun pattern and bright colors that you can wear over a more neutral color swimsuit.

Style a kimono with:

- any two-piece swimwear
- any one-piece swimwear
- any pieces from your already established wardrobe


Style Tip: Kimonos are very versatile and can add a pop of color and detail to a more subdued outfit. Wear over your swimwear, or pair with a bodysuit and high waisted pants for a loose fitting cardigan look.

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