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Luxury Leisurewear: Work From Home Outfits

For a lot of us, this is our first time working remotely due to the quarantine from COVID-19. A lot of women are questioning how they should dress, and what is appropriate to wear when their usual in-office work attire is business casual. We admit it can be tough to style luxury leisurewear outfits that are comfortable yet appropriate for your next Zoom meeting or FaceTime, but also make you feel confident and keep you motivated!

Coming up with a ‘work-from-home’ wardrobe is easier than it seems, and is also quite fun. So how can we make our outfits stylish without getting to the point of full glam? At the end of the day, comfort is one of the key factors that we need to base our ensembles around, as we will be giving our desks most of our attention for the day. Planning our outfits the night before saves us time and effort in the morning.

This seven-day guide offers seven ideas to base your ‘quarantine wardrobe’ from.

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Luxury Leisurewear: Manic Monday

Start off Monday with a bang! It’s the beginning of the week and the most important time to set the tone for the days ahead. A simple yet sleek look is perfect to get that morning refresh. How about creating a luxury leisurewear head to toe look that is made by ethical brands? Sustainable fashion is important and brings awareness to the effects that fast fashion has on the environment. For starters, let's go with an elegant button-down, crop-flare jeans, and a comfortable pair of mules. This trio is the perfect work from home attire! AMAIÒ's Daphne Top in Nude would pair perfectly with any shade of these denim jeans and neutral sock mules, taking luxury leisurewear to a whole new level your coworkers will be dying to reach.

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Luxury Leisurewear: Tasteful Tuesday

If you have made it to Tuesday you’re almost half halfway through the week and it's time to spice things up with a darling, breathable and feminine linen dress. The Kate Dress is perfect for any occasion, big or small. The black linen fabric offers a natural airy breeze to accompany you through your tasks, making this dress perfect for a stay at home workday! The mesh detailing on the back adds simple elegance and will give you an extra hint of confidence to energize you to tackle any task thrown at you that day. This dress is easy to transition in and out of, thanks to the linen-covered buttons trailing down the front, and a simple linen belt to accentuate the waist, tieing everything together like a lovely little package. With a collared neck, this dress is business approved for your next on-screen meeting!


Luxury Leisurewear: Warm Wednesday

Hump day usually gets the best of us. It’s the middle of the week, when we may start to feel tired and unmotivated. Wednesday is the perfect day to stroll the house in a luxury leisurewear matching two-piece set! These sets are taking the market by storm, and there are so many colors and styles you can choose from. This off white cashmere set from Naked Cashmere will bring sunshine to your day, making you look and feel comfy-chic. When wearing matching pieces it offers an effortless yet perfectly-put-together look! This outfit can be completed by styling your hair in a sleek bun and putting on a gorgeous pair of diamond studs. This outfit will have you looking forward to every hump day, designating it as your cozy/chic day and making it something to look forward to!

Luxury Leisurewear: Tulle Thursday

With summer right around the corner, we need to get proper use out of our beloved skirts! This perfect ready-to-wear skirt is multifunctional and can be worn as a coverup by the pool while you multi-task work emails and a glass of chardonnay ;) This skirt is also perfect for lounging inside when paired with a light knit sweater from your already established wardrobe. Our luxurious French Tulle fabric comes in multiple color variants, this way you can match your ‘style mood’ for the day. Our favorite work from home combo is the Éponine Skirt in rouge, paired with a simple white tank top (perfectly styled by the stunning @januaryjones). This look can also be transformed with accessories, such as jewelry or a woven hat, keeping you ready for any event your work day may have in store for you.


Luxury Leisurewear: Fashionable Friday

Now that the workweek is coming to an end, might as well make your final Zoom appearance a good one! For Friday’s look, we want an ensemble that can be easily transformed from day to night (for that fancy little date night in your kitchen, of course). The high-rise Éloise Shorts can get the job done! These dreamy shorts can be easily paired with any bodysuit or blouse. We recommend pairing the Simone Maillot with these shorts, as the cherry blossom print overlaid with French tulle is elegant with a small dash of flirt! The best thing about this look? It’s SO easy! 

So which day are you looking forward to the most?

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